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about us


Metro was founded in 1986 by Mr. Sami Geha, who from day one, made it clear that METRO would be dedicated to true customer satisfaction. This meant that exceptional attention had to be given to cleanliness, orderliness, product variety and price consciousness, to ensure a pleasant shopping atmosphere with superior customer service.


Mr. Geha's refusal to compromise on any of the above qualities paved the way for METRO and has made it one of the most successful supermarkets in Lebanon.

This success along with new economic trends and the changing life styles of the Lebanese people, made it clear that in the long run, METRO would need to evolve and become a one-stop-shopping center.


Today, METRO Superstore has become a place where customers can unwind from their daily stress, while attending to all their shopping needs.

The large customer base, including loyal shoppers from Beirut and its suburbs, the Metn region and the Northern regions of Lebanon encouraged Mr. Geha to expand into a non-supermarket range of products such as household goods, apparel, silverware, gift items and more.

M Market, founded in 1986 and available at METRO Superstore on the Ghazir Highway and in Hazmieh (Boulevard Camille Chamoun), is our supermarket offering a variety of fresh vegetables, high quality meat and dairy products, kitchenware, electronics, household items and much more.


M Market is unique in that it exclusively imports multiple brands of food, beverages, personal care items and other kinds of products from France, Germany and USA.

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M Stations, created in 1995 and available at Metro Superstore Ghazir and Chiyah, is our restaurant where you can savor the finest of our breakfasts and daily specials prepared by our talented chef.


M Stations is unique by its pleasant ambience for your friends and family.

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METRO Mall, founded in 1986 and available at METRO Superstore Ghazir, is our boutique mall offering an extensive range of quality fashion merchandise that includes apparel, accessories and a wide range of home decor and lifestyle items.


Some of the stores and brands available at METRO Mall are: Mike Sport, Librairie Antoine, Hallmark, Michel Zougheib, C&F, Magic Planet, Chico (update the list of stores)

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