loyalty program

loyalty program


How to collect MLP Points?

• To enable the accumulation of MLP points, you are required to present your Metro card or the phone number associated with your account at the time of purchase.

• Against every $10.00 USD (15,000 LL) cash payment on qualifying products and services in the same transaction, or on purchases from the participating shops in Metro Mall you will collect 10 points. For example: ̵ With a purchase transaction of $10.00 USD cash transaction you will accumulate 10 points ̵ A $25.00 cash transaction will accumulate 20 points ̵ A cash transaction for $8.00 USD will accumulate 0 points The collection of Metro Loyalty Points and Cash Back Credits are mutually exclusive benefits. In other words, and depending on the type of promotion, the purchase of a given product will either allow you to earn cash back credits or loyalty points, but not both together.

• A receipt or gift receipt is required for all return or exchange transaction and such transactions are subject to current Metro Superstore return policies. In the event of a purchase return or exchange transaction, Metro will deduct the corresponding MLP points from your account. Consequently, return and exchange transactions of goods having accumulated MLP points will be possible only in conjunction with the refund of the respective MLP points to Metro.


How to redeem Metro Loyalty Points?

• For redemption, Metro Loyalty Points become available in your account within 3 working days from the time of purchase.

For example, points collected on Monday will become available for redemption by Thursday, whereas points collected on Friday will become available for redemption on the following Wednesday.

• You may exchange your points for Rewards (products and services) from our Rewards Catalogue.

• The number of points required for the respective rewards are advertised in our customer service office or on our website.

• You may also take advantage of our “points plus cash” option to redeem Rewards.

• It is required to present official identification verifying account ownership when redeeming Rewards.

• Upon redemption of points, time needed to receive Reward items (products and services) is subject to item preparation procedures and item availability.


Metro Loyalty Points Validity

• Points expire 2 years after their respective accumulation date. However, an end of year expiry will be applied to accounts that have not accumulated any points through purchase transactions for more than 365 days.

• Metro Superstore will not be held liable for expired, lost or stolen loyalty points.


How to check Metro Loyalty Points Balance?

• Your MLP account balance is indicated on your checkout transaction receipts.

• Account balance enquiries may also be made by visiting or contacting Metro Customer Service on 09-851300 Ext: 222.

• Metro Loyalty Program Points (MLP) balance can also be viewed online by visiting www.metrosuperstore.com